Creating a Safe & Healthy Nursery Environment: The Checklist

Nursery Safety

Creating a safe and healthy environment is the essential first step in ensuring your little one’s well-being. Here is a checklist to help with nursery set up and choosing quality products for your baby’s first surroundings.

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Nursery Furniture Safety


1. Choose non-toxic furniture:

Look for furniture that is made from solid wood or non-toxic engineered wood products like MDF or plywood. Pure Lite PVC high density board is another fantastic product that’s used for baby products and furniture.

Also make sure to choose finishes that are low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds). This means that they won’t emit harmful gases into your baby’s safe space.

If in doubt, find a product that is certified by reputable organisations like GECA ( Good Environmental Choice Australia) or ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).


2. Check furniture stability and loose parts/hardware:

Test the product’s stability to make sure it won’t tip over easily, rock or move out of place. Also ensure there are no sharp edges or corners that could injure your newest addition as they grow and become mobile.

Small screws, bolts or other features can become a danger if loose. It’s important to check over the cot, change table or any furniture you’re considering to place in the nursery, to ensure there’s no choking hazards.


3. Ensure moving parts or hinges have safety features:

Ensuring there are safety features on furniture hinges, draws and moving wheels is the best way to stop little fingers getting caught and avoiding those tiny tears!

Soft close drawers on change stations, brakes on cot castor wheels and finger protection strips/door guards on any hinges will keep injuries at bay.

Safety Features Nursery


4. Make sure all baby furniture meets Australian safety standards:

One of the most important steps in keeping your baby’s nursery safe is to ensure all furniture and infant products meet the Australian Safety Standards. This means the furniture has been tested and certified to meet safety requirements.

Infant Cot Australian Safety Standard:

  • Base of the mattress to the top of the cot is a minimum of 600 mm and top of the mattress to the top of the cot is 500 mm minimum.
  • Space between cot sides and ends and mattress are no more than 20 mm.
  • Space between bars are between 50 to 95 mm.
  • Castor wheels should be on two legs only or at least one pair of castors has brakes.


Cot Apple Green


5. Avoid purchasing second hand baby furniture:

Although having a vintage, heirloom or second hand cot is environmentally friendly, or cost effective, it’s best to purchase a new cot when possible unless you can ensure it meets Australian safety standards.


A Healthy & Safe Nursery Room


1. Keep that room dust free as possible:

Infants are susceptible to allergies and respiratory problems, so it is essential to keep their nursery clean and dust-free (as possible). Clean the room regularly, vacuum carpets and rugs, and change bedding frequently. This will ensure a happy and clean little one!


2. Proper ventilation:

A beautifully ventilated room is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment in your baby’s nursery. You can do this by opening windows to let in some fresh air or adding an air purifier which will remove dirty, polluted air and replace it with clean air.


3. Use gentle and safe cleaning products:

When cleaning your little ones’ space in the home, make sure you’re using products that will be safe and non- toxic. There are plenty of nature products on the market or create your own DIY cleaning spray and wipe!

Make yourself aware of all the nasty added ingredients and avoid them when possible.


4. Install smoke detectors:

A smoke detector could mean the difference between life and death and is without a doubt a key step in keeping a baby safe.

Chances are you already have one installed and smoke alarms are now an Australian standard in all newly built or substantially renovated homes.

By following this Nursery Safety Checklist you can ensure your newest addition will be safe and have a healthy start to life!


Nursery Safety Checklist


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Safe Nursery Checklist

Australian Mandatory Safety Standards

Kids Home Fashion modern nursery furniture has been designed to comply with the applicable Australian Mandatory Safety Standards. Before you buy a cot make sure that it complies with the mandatory safety standrds AS/NZS 2172:2003 and Compliance with AS/NZS:2172:2013. Read the ACCC Cot Safety Guidelines here.